• How menopause affects your emotions
  • How to know when the blues become depression
  • How to identify and reduce stress in your life
  • Learning to lighten your load and lean on your friends and family for support
  • Reducing stress through exercise and meditation Menopause, too, shall pass

For some women, menopause is no different emotionally than any other time in their lives. There are good times and bad times, ups and downs, pleasures and griefs. These women may embrace menopause as a freedom train of sorts, transporting them from worries about pregnancy and the inconvenience of monthly periods to a new post in their lives.

For other women, the ride is bumpy. These women turn into personalities that are foreign even to themselves. They redefine the concept of mood swings as they vacillate, seemingly by the minute, between euphoria and despair. They don’t sleep for weeks, and then can’t stay awake for days. If this is a freedom train, they’d rather be slaves.

For most women, though, the menopause experience lies somewhere between — and sometimes touches — these two extremes. It might even be sometimes one, then the other. Menopause can be a wild ride!

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Keeping a Handle on Stress

Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel, and It’s Not a Train

It’s important — and often difficult — to remember that menopause is a transition. It, and all its signs and challenges, will pass. Certainly, you will feel discouraged and overwhelmed on your journey; life has its ups and downs, and the transition of menopause is certainly no exception. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from loved ones or from your doctor. While menopause is about change and challenge, it doesn’t have to be about suffering. Many options are available to women today to ease the passage, and there’s no reason not to use them. Many women emerge from menopause feeling a confidence and strength that they didn’t know they had. Like all life passages, menopause is about learning, changing, and growing. The more of its experiences you can embrace, the more positive your journey will be.

The Least You Need to Know

For some women, menopause is no different than any other time in their lives. For others, it is a wild ride on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings.

Stress is a significant factor in feelings of hopelessness and despair. Reducing stress can improve these feelings.

Many women need to learn how to lighten their loads to reduce stress and restore resources to themselves.

No woman needs to suffer through menopause. Many options exist for relieving signs that cause discomfort.

Remember that menopause is a transition, not a permanent state.

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